Video: ISIS Blows Up 10 Apostates To Sate Islam’s Satanic Bloodlust

In this latest video ISIS blows up 10 captives accused of Apostasy.

The DM has a blow by blow account here: Sickening video reveals Isis’s new method of execution: Ten prisoners made to kneel above bombs that have been buried in the ground 

You can watch the video here, note it is hosted on a Jihadi web site.

  • I don’t watch such videos. What amazes me is that some (surely not all !?) Muslims think that God wants and approves of such murder! Certainly not! God wishes for the life and welfare of His creatures. He loves them, usually – all except such murderers and rapists.

    “Allah” is not God – this Islamic god is a figment of Mohammed’s sick imagination (or whoever invented Mohammed). What he did was equate the Moon-god of the Arabs, called Allah, to the universal God worshipped by the Jews and Christians. He invented this fusion and called himself a prophet of this god. He then invented all sorts of stories and sayings, putting words into the mouth of the god he invented, over time, making him say whatever was convenient to his, Mohammed’s, personal interests. E.g. He made him allegedly enact laws approving of child marriage or of enslavement of female captives or of killing disbelievers, etc. In this way, Mohammed was gradually enriched, he became powerful in his milieu, and got himself new sex partners, and so on.

    The same is true of the current leaders of the jihadist movement. They have become rich and powerful, whether or not they believe in anything but themselves.

    • Islam is a murder cult. What other religion executes “apostates”?

      • jayme

        In fairness, a long time ago Christianity did too. But it is pretty well impossible to claim that doing so is acting in accordance with Christian beliefs. In contrast, execution of apostates is obviously justified and in fact demanded by Islamic teaching.

        • Yes, Islam revives ancient practices that are gone in the modern world (in the West at least).

    • Alex

      There are so many differences between Allah and the Christian-Judaic concept of God. For instance, freedom. God wishes His creations to have it, he wishes them happiness but not at the expense of freedom (arguably, he couldn’t have “forced” happiness or love on us – we have to choose it).

      Allah, on the other hand, as most of us on BCF know, is about submission and slavery really: he’ll allow people to be happy (eventually, anyway) but only if they do exactly what he says: love me or I’ll torture you for eternity. Pretty much the opposite of the Christian-Judaic God who says something like “Love me and in the process of doing so you will become happy; however, I will not compel you. (As an aside, what about hell? Many Christians don’t believe in it though I personally do. I tend to think it is something like CS Lewis’ conception: “the gates of hell are locked from within”. No one goes there – and stays there – unless they themselves choose to (eternally) reject God.)

      • Yes, I agree that is a fundamental difference.

        Islam does not regard humans as having freedom of choice (freewill), but looks upon them as automatons – the “bad” ones are those who do not behave in accord with the Islamic program, and they are liable to destruction as one would destroy a machine of no use or gone awry. People are things, mere expendable tools in the hands of more powerful persons who represent the imaginary deity.

        In the Judeo-Christian traditions, on the other hand, people are responsible beings, who are made happy or unhappy by their volitional choices, i.e. as a reward or punishment. This justice is not mechanical but mitigated by mercy stemming from God’s love for His creatures. Here, the dignity of humans is acknowledged and their human limits are kindly taken into consideration. It is a completely different view of life.

        • otto skorzeny_.

          Judeo-Christian is a misnomer- there is no such thing- just more jew doublespeak

          • No – there is basis for it. The Christian religion was derived from the Jewish one, and indeed Christians still today refer back to the Jewish Bible as part of their Bible. There are shared values.

            That said, it is clear that otto skorzeny is an outspoken anti-Semite.

    • otto skorzeny_.

      A Rita Katz production

  • Ron MacDonald

    Sick fucking RagHeads.

  • luna
  • otto skorzeny_.

    Too bad they weren’t 10 jews

    • An anti-Semitic comment?

      • otto skorzeny_.


  • Lyn

    Islam is evil. Also their so called “god”, Allah must be very weak indeed if he needs his evil followers to kill people for him. My God is named Yahweh, and if He was not thinking about you or me right now, our atoms would disintegrate. He is the Creator, and the sustainer of all things; and His being and nature is Love, not hatred.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      I have a different conception of God than you do, I think.
      God is the Creator.
      And then he left it alone.
      There are rules and laws that we have divined over the years to be science.
      The muslim god is perceived to have no such certainty.
      He is capricious and fickle and delicate.