Too Many Women Among Those Who Despise America and Hate Israel

The Canary Mission is devoted to exposing haters of America and of Jews and boycotters of Israel. In a sense, they want to “blacklist the blacklisters.” Their site, which first appeared in February of this year, thus far features bothindividual students, recent graduates, and professors– as these people call for an “Intifada” in America, (as Hatem Bazien did), as they rally and tell Jews to “go back to the ovens, you need a really big oven” (as a young student did at a demonstration).

Every word belongs to the hater.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Makes sense. Men generally are second class citizens to the left. The fact that the loudest Jew haters are women only lends them MORE credibility to their orgs, not less.

  • luna

    Thanks BCF, I wasn’t previously aware of the canary mission.