The Secret Ethnic Cleansing of Palestinians

It is no secret that most of the Arab countries have long been mistreating their Palestinian brethren by subjecting them to a series of Apartheid-like discriminatory laws and regulations that often deny them basic rights.

In countries such as Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and Syria, Palestinians are treated as second and third class citizens, a fact that has forced many of them to seek better lives in the U.S., Canada, Australia and various European countries. As a result, many Palestinians today feel unwelcome in their countries of origin and other Arab countries.

  • Alain

    Is there a wee possibility that their behaviour has a connection with them not being welcome? Just wondering.

    • drop a deuce

      You mean the jews in Israel on stolen land

  • Ed

    Damn Jews!

  • DMB

    So why do Palestinians need a nation of their own if there own government and neighboring governments mistreats them. The only nation that makes an effort to try to treat them with dignity is Israel and the Palestinians treat them like crap.

    • drop a deuce

      Haha- dignity is killing thousands of Palestinian s in random Gaza airstrikes

  • Truth Hurts

    More like treating the Palis as the squatter scum they are.

    • drop a deuce

      You mean the Israeli jew scum on stolen land

  • Gary

    The ones that have to flee to Canada are the Christians under hamas and sharia law by these rabid savages.

    The knuckle dragging muslims that come here end up beating-up or women in public and flying their Pro-hamas flags.
    Palestine house should have been torched and levelled while the Jew-hating anti-canada welfare parasites pumping out Jihad Janes must be booted from Canada and take their poison and cancer with them .

    • Alain

      Well I don’t know about the Christian part, since they all pretty well turn out at every opportunity to scream death to Jews and death to Israel.

  • Alain

    On a totally different note I wonder why it is not possible to edit the up or down vote, since more times than not I ended up accidently voting when just attempting to see who had voted.

    • Martin B

      Clicking on the arrow again should cancel your vote.

      • Alain

        Thanks I’ll try that the next time it happens.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Good. Die screaming on fire as you watch your children sodomized to death.

    • drop a deuce

      Only a depraved cocksucking worthless kike could post that about children

  • drop a deuce

    I love it when jews lecture others on the treatment of Palestinians

  • Frances

    This is old news. Palestinians who fled in 1948 – on the advice of their leaders and so as to not hinder the invaders (Egypt, Jordan, Syria, some Iraqui involvement) – found them stuck outside the new state of Israel. They were herded into camps and, essentially, left to rot. Arabs and Egyptians don’t like Palestinians – have a nasty sense they are regarded as inferiors, okay to tolerate in the days of the sultans, but not okay as possible citizens and equals in the states formed after 1917.

  • The “Palestinian” Arabs should not be welcomed anywhere in the West – they are all prime terrorist material.