ISIS Beheads Two Captives

ISIS has released a set of stills from the execution of two alleged spys.

Unremarkable is the presence of many children in the crowd gathered to watch.

You may if you wish view them here, note the photo’s are graphic and are hosted on a Jihadi site.

  • The Butterfly

    That is pure, true Islam.

  • chayisun

    Since this group of crazies won’t allow TV, radio movies etc., this is now their form of entertainment. Beats watching Oprah.

    • They do show these flicks in public squares much like the old communist regime in the USSR had traveling picture shows designed to educate the peasantry.

  • Linda1000

    I can’t be bothered viewing their gruesome killing crap anymore. Slow body-count movies. I really don’t care if Muslims kill each other as long as they keep it in their own shithole Islam countries.

  • Hard Little Machine

    They could make that a reality show on Islam History Channel. 5 fat guys with beards compete to see who can do the best head chopping. A panel of pretentious dipshit ‘judges’ nod sagely and critique them. Each round becomes increasingly complex and each time a contestant is eliminated until the final round when the winner is declared Islam’s Greatest Head Chopper.