Glenn Reynolds: Trump indicts America’s ruling class

“Trump’s rise is, like that of his Democratic counterpart Bernie Sanders, a sign that a large number of voters don’t feel represented by more mainstream politicians.”


Little KingThis works for me… especially living in Ontario which is ruled by the Public Service Unions for the Public Service Unions.

We are over-taxed and we are less free.

  • marty in New York

    But wouldn’t that make the jews- which constitute 2% of the US population but control 45% of US wealth- the “ruling class”? Uh-oh- this won’t end well (again!)

  • Thanks to Trump for starting the debate.

    • Yes he is owed that. Not my candidate of choice but he has accomplished more than the rest at this point.

  • cat lover

    So that makes jews- who comprise just 2% of the US yet control over 40% of US wealth – the “ruling class”? I guess it makes sense now why the jews keep that wealth control on the DL in the jew media. Oh well- it will all end- badly- same as it always has.

  • Ron MacDonald

    The next premier should turn Ontario into a right-to-work province, that would cripple the unions.

    • Alain

      Should it happen you can expect our judicial activists to rule it goes against Trudeau’s charter. However if Ontario has the courage to do the same as Quebec, the solution would be to invoke the not withstanding clause and voilà.

      • Minicapt

        It would have to be a “notwithstanding” bill from the start since the Rand Formula (from 1946) mandates union dues and was imbedded in the Canada Labour Code.