Chinese hack of US national security details revealed days after Russian hack

The ongoing saga of successful foreign hack attacks on government databases continued Monday with news of another break-in allegedly perpetrated by China.

Just days after the reported spear-phishing attack on the Pentagon’s joint staff email system, which exposed some 4,000 civilian and military employees and is believed to have been sponsored by Russia, anonymous government sources told NBC News that a separate set of Chinese hack attacks targeted the personal emails of “all top national security and trade officials”.

  • drop a deuce

    The ongoing saga of “Who The F#ck Cares”

  • Yet another reason why we should stop trading with China.

    Not that Obama cares one way or another.

    Is there a Stuxnet virus for China? One hopes.

  • Obama’s National Security staff, being all flunkies, from the top down more interested in their careers than the defense of their country, are bound to be worthless incompetents. Russia and China have well understood this – the Obama-era vacuum. The door is wide open. Who can blame them for taking advantage? So long as the top job in the USA is in the hands of a foreign mole (the Muslim Obama), the USA is in fact defenseless. All employees of the present administration are in fact traitors.

    (I keep repeating this kind of comment, but it needs to be repeated.)