British grandfather leaves family and dachsunds to join militants fighting Isil in Iraq

A British granddad has left his family to join militants fighting Isil on the frontline in Iraq claiming he could no longer sit back and do nothing.

Despite having no military experience, Jim Atherton, 53, of Tyne and Wear, has sold his car to buy weapons and has already come under mortar and rocket attacks.

The granddad, who before leaving for Iraq cared for rescued daschunds, said Special Branch had tried to persuade him to come home, but he believed his place was fighting jihadists.

  • David

    As with the woman from Vancouver, the strength of ones convictions.

  • GottaQHFilly

    Why doesn’t he just start shooting koranimals in his own country?

  • mauser 98

    he has watched too many movies… 53, no training

    Iraqi army downs two UK planes carrying weapons for ISIL

    • Crom Bann

      What you need training for, comes to some naturally.

      • mauser 98

        at 53? ……….can’t wait for the beheading video

        • Crom Bann

          at 53? Not everyone is a fat worn-out fuck in their 50’s, long distance runners, etc.

          As for looking forward to a beheading vid…well that just confirms somwthing about you.

          Go back to using your computer as a mastabatory aid, close as you will come to productivity.

        • Crom Cenna

          Says much about you anticipating a beheading vid, not everyone is a worn out fat sack of Sh*t at 50 plus.

          • mauser 98

            wrong again

            most are a worn out fat sack of Sh*t at 50 plus.
            TV movies internet
            this jerk is delusional

  • He left his dachshunds?

  • Chatillon

    In the Middle Ages, men would sell their property, settle their affairs and purchase arms to go on Crusade because they heard the cries of Islam’s victims pleading for rescue.

    God bless this man for doing what needs to be done. Shame on our governments that don’t make the rescue of Middle East minorities it a major part of their foreign policy. Shame on any private citizen who ignores the cries of the persecuted and won’t raise their voice to make it a major issue with their government. And shame on the churches that fear to speak up for fear that it will upset “dialogue.”

    We live in profoundly shameful times. God have mercy on us for our abject moral cowardice.