Britain: The “Struggle of Our Generation”

On July 20, Prime Minister David Cameron outlined his government’s plans to counteract Islamic extremism, which he described as the “struggle of our generation.”

In a speech before Ninestiles School, in the city of Birmingham, Cameron articulated a view of the Islamist threat that, just a couple of years ago, few else in British politics would have dared to support.

In a report for BBC Radio 4, the journalist John Ware described Cameron’s speech, and the government’s proposed counter-extremism measures, as “something no British government has ever done in my lifetime: the launch of a formal strategy to recognize, challenge and root out ideology.”

Cameron’s speech was wide-ranging. It addressed the causes, methods and consequences of Islamist extremism.


Here’s a pull from the article… In a series of religious rulings published on its website, the Islamic Network charity advocated the murder of apostates; encouraged Muslims to hate non-Muslims; stated that when non-Muslims die, “the whole of humanity are relieved;” and described Western civilisation as “evil.”

On numerous occasions myself and other bloggers have exposed just this sort of thing in Canada and oddly… our politicians still cultivate and give legitimacy to these same Muslims.

  • If Cameron really meant the “Struggle Of Our Generation” he would immediately put a stop to Muslim immigration.

    Adding to the “Struggle Of Our Generation” makes no sense.

    Of course that is the political hack method.

  • Martin B

    No it’s not just “Our Generation” you bastard. Generations of British children yet unborn will pay a heavy price because your generation of politicians opened the flood gates to Mohammedan invaders.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    What, you mean to tell me that killing the infidel is not as if they had killed “all of mankind”?
    I’m confused.

  • The Butterfly

    Maybe we shouldn’t have stupid immigration policies that lead to the “struggle of our generations”?

  • Jim Horne

    Are Canadian politicians out-of-step with other western nations?

    A Pew Research Centre publication, July 16, 2015, titled “Extremism Concerns Growing in West and Predominantly Muslim Countries” ranked Canada lowest among western nations in terms of having concerns over the growing rise of Islamic extremism. A ranking of 33% for Canada compares to 67% for France, 53% for the U.S., 52% for the U.K., 48% for Australia, and 46% for Germany.

    Why do Canada’s politicians have their heads in the sand while the rest of world begins to come to grips with Islamic extremism?

    Could a part of it be the lack of reporting in our mainstream media? Could a part of it be the predisposition of two of the three federal political parties to look the other way and to deny that Islamic extremism is an issue? Could a part of it be that the tenants of political correctness and the practice of multiculturalism have clouded the judgement of Canada’s politicians?

    Why are Canadian politicians so out-of-step with other western nations?