A Little Good News

Some good choices made for spots on the Cross Cultural Roundtable On Security… h/t Gisele

  • Gary

    It’s the quran stupid , when will these morons in charge of security wake-up and buy a copy of the quran and actually READ it with Tarek Fatah to see why he wants the armed jihad and jew-hatred purged from it , or , stop all immigration from the 5 out of 7 nations the UN lists as Terrorist producing that we seem to allow into Canada as if these are all the Peaceful ones coming in .

    islam will make Canada just another islamic hell-hole if Sheema Khan had gotten her Sharia Law in 2005 for her Whahhabi master in saudi Arabia.
    Imam Justin has his PR Firm telling him that Muslims now out number natives and Jews in Canada, I’ve seen what muslims do to native and jews when they invade nations to bring in their Holy book and promises of Allah’s Peace .

    As a person with an Aboriginal background Father , I have no problem with Trudeau volunteering himself and his family to be killed under sharia law one day by islamists ……. but he has no Right to take me wit him as part of this Diversity and tolerance values .
    The good new though is that the islamists will start killing the Liberal Progressive Leftist Socialists and feminazis plus gays first to purge our Gene-pool of the moron DNA.