The Trumpification of the GOP Is About to End

For political pundits, the carnival they watched last night was an enlightening affair. Trump aside, they say, the Republican Party’s presidential aspirants performed admirably. The marginally tuned-in voter who watched the debate last night saw something quite different. This was a raucous event, a reality show with little redeeming value beyond its most entertaining aspects. That’s not necessarily a fair assessment, but it is an honest reflection of what they have come to expect from the Dadaist performance art that is Donald Trump’s campaign of self-promotion masquerading as a presidential bid. The pundits are, however, pundits for a reason; they understand the mechanics of an election cycle in a way that the casual observer does not. On the left and the right, political professionals and opinion leaders know what they saw: the beginning of the end of Trump’s bid for the Republican nomination. It is true that his staying power in the race has shocked everyone, but the debates mark the beginning of a different phase of this campaign. It’s coming, perhaps later rather than sooner, but the celebrity candidate’s deflation is a virtual certainty. As such, the tempo of the Democratic effort to ensure that Trump comes to be viewed as the face of the GOP will accelerate in the coming weeks. They know that time is not on their side.

  • G

    It’s a fine enough analysis. As I said I have never been crazy about Trump.

    I sort-of lukewarmly supported him mostly because I hated the established political class so much.

    BUT – (yes, there is a “BUT”) the author of this article commits a serious error. While attacking Trump and noting regular people’s anger at the political elite the author refuses to truly acknowledge that that anger is justified.

    Instead he goes about praising the useless, spineless political elitists that include himself. ie: “Pundits are pundits for a reason….”; calling Trump supporters “self deluded”; expressing calm outrage that anyone would be rude to media personalities.

    The writer JUST DOESN’T GET IT.

    The apple cart he refers to includes him and his precious Megan Kelly and, unfortunately FOX news.

    Then he reveals his true thoughts about the grassroots he pretends to support.
    —“There comes a time, however, when the case for the aggrieved Trump supporter ceases to be compelling, and the well of sympathy runs dry”

    In other words “Ok, peasants we let you have your little tantrum. Now shut up and vote for the candidate that we approve of.”
    My guess is there was never much sympathy in that well to begin with.

    • k1992

      Well said. Trump is arrogant, no question, but his arrogance pales in comparison to that of people like this “expert”. The writer doesn’t (or won’t) understand why the peasants (as you quite rightly suggest he views us) are angry at people like himself, at the political class itself in general, and are drawn to Trump because he at least is giving us a voice for that anger and disappointment. His and the media’s dislike and contempt for voters, like that of the RINOs, masks a fear of Trump personally, certainly, but is also about fear of what he represents – the growing anger of the average citizen.

    • It is as much a revolt against the Republican establishment as anything else.

      • G

        The revolt began with the Tea Party which got co-opted by the Republicans who then gave the voters John McCain. (WTF?) The Tea Party never achieved it’s potential. Now the revolt materializes in the form of Donald Trump and the Repub. back roomers, the RINOs and the media throw themselves into a frenzy to get rid of him.

        The media and the pundits (like this one) congratulate themselves on being so intelligent and understanding the political process so well.
        If they are then why can’t they see the revolt that is happening right before their eyes?

        One can conclude 2 things.
        1) Maybe they aren’t as intelligent and insightful as they want to believe.
        2) Maybe they see it and refuse to acknowledge it to prevent losing their power base.
        So…they’re either stupid or crooked. Not a good choice.

        • dance…dancetotheradio

          Tea Party never had a leader.
          Sarah Palin was a face but not a controller.

    • moraywatson

      The punditry is rancid.

      • Justin St.Denis

        So much contemoorary punditry and “journalism” is rancid! Good descriptor!

    • DMB

      The Presidential race will come down to Jeb Bush vs Hillary Clinton. The favorites of the political elite.

    • Linda1000

      Another reason people are angry with the current group of Republicans in Washington is that twice (2010 and 2012 elections) the voters gave control of Congress and the Senate back to the GOP and they have done nothing with those huge shifts in power to make any changes. All they have been given in return for their support is no action on Obamacare, uncontrolled immigration, more spending and a horrible Iran nuke deal.

  • mauser 98

    Rush Limbaugh stated for 2 days prior to debate Roger Ailes wanted Trump out of the race. debate was set up to take him down

    • Petey

      The Republican Party, if they refuse to learn from Trump, and more specifically, people’s generally enthusiastic reaction to him, are going to disappear into the political wilderness – as they damn well should, if they won’t listen to a sizeable chunk of their conservative base.

      (And you’ve got to admit, even if you hate her – Megyn Kelly definitely has great legs ….)

  • irishrus

    If liberal like- it- up-the – ass, Toronto can put Ford in consecutive elections imagine what conservative America can do with when they’ve had enough manipulaton by the GOP elite. Personally, though I would prefer Cruz or Carson

    • I appreciate his forcing of the immigration issue down the throats of other candidates. Lets see if one of them is smart enough to run with it.

      • Tom Forsythe

        Scott Walker seemed to be making some good points on the issue. Rubio, Bush, and Kasich are lost causes.

  • john700

    Trump’s purpose is to make a good idea (illegal immigration control) look bad. It looks bad because it is supported by a guy with so many flaws that any conservative would normally oppose, it looks bad because he doesn’t have a plan about how to deal with the problem.

    This will favour Jeb! who will win the nomination. He will win the big states like New York, Illinois, Florida and California and that will be enough.

    • Then Jeb will lose to Hillary.

      • john700

        One day, when we wake up in the morning, we might see on our tv screen people from the FBI raiding the Clinton’s house in Chappaqua, NY, looking for her server and evidence as part of a criminal investigation.

        Then, it will be Jeb! vs. Biden.

        • Clink9

          What a pathetic choice. Just cruel what is happening to their country.

  • FactsWillOut

    What a bunch of media hacks. The media are just squirming because the electorate refuses to embrace their anointed ones.

  • Bernie

    Bring on the Doctor! Carson that is!

  • glasnost

    It seems to me that the flaws being attributed to Trump are shared by most politicians. So far I haven’t heard a cogent argument to prove that Trump is unfit for office. Beyond that, there are no flawless candidates. If Trump can unite the non-haughty voters, as he seems to be doing, then I say give him a chance (although it’ll probably take him more than a few days in office to win a Nobel).

  • discuss

    What kind of guy lets his daughter marry a jew and convert to judaism? That’s as bad as their daughter marrying a groid

  • Morticiaa

    He is still going up in the polls
    He is no more corrupt than Hillary
    He has a huge base of support
    Because he says what he thinks
    He makes the campaign interesting
    He has the guts to take on a major
    Crisis in the USA and one that Is
    Underlying many other concerns
    and it is one issue that we in Canada
    Are unable to realize
    Implications and future implications
    In the destruction and deterioration of our
    Canadian values…..and society

    The real reality TV are the political baffons
    In USA and Canada who continue with
    Newspeak. And underhanded policies
    And deals that undermine democracy
    Bravo to trump for great theatre

    • Linda1000

      Agree. Who were those other guys on stage Thurs. night? Its called charisma and Trump has it in spades. Trump knew Kelly was going to launch a personal attack and I think he gave her a really controlled answer on stage. The other aspect Fox should consider is that it was because of Trump that they had 24 million viewers. Trump alone probably attracted 25% of those viewers. So what, Trump made a distasteful remark about Kelly hours after she went for his jugular on national TV. For the next debate event Fox might want to consider changing their moderators. Hope petty Red State had a big sob fest at their weekend piss-up by uninviting Trump who was supposed to be the keynote speaker. I wouldn’t be writing Trump off quite so soon and he isn’t bought and paid for like some of the other dependent runners in the race. That kind of support always comes with a price of representing the interests of the biggest donors to a candidate’s campaign.

  • Maple Curtain

    Sounds like the Yids are worried that they are losing control of the narrative in U.S. politics

  • Tom Forsythe

    This early in the election cycle, there is always a flirtation with a bold and interesting candidate. Once it gets closer to making an actual decision, voters start getting serious and look at the more mature, reasonable choices.

  • Tom Forsythe

    Nobody has ever been elected president without already having a title before his name other than “Mr.” Governor, senator, general, vice president… neither Trump nor Fiorina have a chance, as much as I like Carly.

  • ntt1

    An analysis tilted by the authors own biases and arrogance. Trump will sail on going from crisis to crisis with renewed strength in numbers for the simple reason that he is the Anti-candidate who abhors the corruption and incest between the politicians and the media that a huge proportion of North Americans share with him. Canadians too, when will we get a straight talker?Like most voters I am sickened by the thin offerings in our up coming election.

  • gainny

    The smartest coverage of the GOP roadmap is at The Conservative Treehouse. Read and follow the links to get up to speed. Trump is upsetting their applecart.

  • Linda1000

    Here’s the golden girl Kelly talking to Howard Stern about her beasts, weight, penises and Republican litmus test at Fox.

    • ThomasB

      I found her comments on her husband (#2 I guess) interesting – something about not wanting a clingy guy who would call her back right away. Kind of makes sense. Independence is drawn to independence and I imagine she has a strong independent personality.

      About her salary: she has to get close to a million I would think (?)

      • Linda1000

        I linked the video because Kelly’s hysterical indignation about Trump’s past “scandalous” remarks about women and recent events since the debate seem false and hypocritical over-reaction by her and Fox etc.

        • ThomasB

          Yes, it does seem hypocritical of her/them; I guess a couple of people have suggested that it was simply an attempt to discredit Trump because they favor Bush. It rather looks like that. (I still reserve judgement on Kelly though – she and Sean Hannity were pretty well the only Fox people to support Pamela Geller after the attacks on her.)

  • David Murrell

    Good posted article. Trump is good at name calling, and has good ideas as to immigration, but little else. If he loses the nomination he threatens to take his toys away and scuttle the Repulicans’ chances against Hillary.

  • Billy Bob Thornton

    Trump could go third party. I suspect the Republican candidate that will most likely get chosen will be Scott Walker. He is not alienating the moderates, the conservatives, the religious types, the interventionists or the social conservatives. Frankly, some of his policies do sound reasonable like the anti-immigration stances and the fact that he wants to secure the border. As a nationalist, I tend to support less immigration but I am against war since it is connected to corporatism and special interest groups. The best way for economies to grow is to limit the influence of corporate government. Trump to me does seem like the best choice since he is talking about the problems with the US. Him going third party would be good since he would be his own man. A Trump presidency would also clean up the institutions that most Americans simply do not trust. If he won, hopefully he would avoid war, bring the troops home from everywhere and end corporate welfare and influence and fund essential services in the US. The fact is America has been hollowed out by both sides since the Reagan years, including Reagan, since Reagan was very much for outsourcing even then. That trend must be reversed, and free trade has to be done either properly or removed completely.