The Human Fetus As Garbage: a Necessary Comparison to Nazism

In July 2015, the Center for Medical Progress began releasing a series of videos. In these videos, Planned Parenthood personnel discuss the abortion procedures necessary to obtain, from aborted fetuses, high-quality kidneys, hearts, skulls, arms, and legs. These fetal body parts are then sold to medical researchers. The videos also show employees dissecting human fetuses in order to harvest organs and body parts.

  • They are ghouls. Leftist crimes, like Islamic ones, remain unpunished in today’s PC society.

  • ontario john

    Tucked in the many pages of “Harper is Evil”, edition of the Toronto Sunday Star, is a story by the Star on why we need more abortion services. Yes the Star is upset at the bad publicity around Planned Parenthood in the States, and if anything we need more services up here to kill babies. The media has spoken and we must obey.

    • Petey

      Depressing, isn’t it? Some of us still remember when Canada wasn’t like this … I almost wish I didn’t remember because it makes the discouragement more intense.

    • Clausewitz

      The callous disregard for life by the left is not so much a problem as it is a “feature” to them.

  • jayme

    If one accepts their initial and fundamental premise – that the fetus is not human and therefore has no rights – then whatever one does with fetuses would seem acceptable. But the fact that even some of the physicians feel “sickened” by what they’re doing suggests that at some level, they do not fully accept that premise. They instinctively feel that the fetus, having so many of the characteristics of what we typically think of as a human, can’t be discarded and discounted so easily. Even if one is not willing to move all the way to the position that the fetus is fully human, doesn’t it still demand some respect as a potential human?

    • g

      No. It’s a woman’s right to choose what she does with her own body. Period.

      • David

        “with her own body”

        They baby inside of “her body” is another person.

      • Clausewitz

        Half of that DNA belongs to another. Oh, right, men have no say nor parental rights in today’s progressive society.

  • discuss

    national socialists encouraged the birth of beautiful white babies- but not so much for jew untermensch

  • discuss

    A lot of liberal jews support abortion

    • David

      and your point is?

  • Billy Bob Thornton

    I don’t see abortion services as being Nazi because all Western nations have them and so does China as well. Even Russia has it with their social conservative and nationalist leader, Vladimir Putin. The fact in rare circumstances I can understand because poor people cannot afford children. Also, I support it in cases that are rare. It is also used as a way to protect the mother. But, yes, removing abortion services would just send the industry underground, so I think that it would never truly go away. I wonder why social conservatives say they want to protect life but are for war on demand. Frankly, I support minor parties that are for different factions, but not for outright removing abortion. That will never be supported even in the United States. The states in the NE, Pacific coast, Midwest and Great Lakes would never support it.

  • Billy Bob Thornton

    Also, banning abortion would get challenged in the courts massively and anti-abortion groups would be mocked, ridiculed and suffer greatly. They would also never be the same again. Republicans would probably never make it back to power. I think anti-abortion groups exaggerate most of the time, and their ideology does get to them. Of course, it has long been established that abortion services are there provided by the government. The Planned Parenthood videos seem like they were staged since anti-abortion groups want to paint the supporters of abortion as devils, when hating human life can range even after birth when the child is alive. It can even range into waging war. It can even range to the death penalty. Limiting it to abortion is not helpful because it ignores everything else that is against life. This is all about ideology. Frankly, I would say most Canadians are for a woman’s right to choose, since it has been with us for so many years.