Stephen Harper vows to outlaw travel to ‘places that are ground zero for terrorist activity’

Conservative Leader Stephen Harper said today if re-elected he will introduce legislation that will make it a criminal offence for Canadians to travel to parts of the world under the control of extremist groups.

“A re-elected Conservative government will designate travel to places that are ground zero for terrorist activity a criminal offence,” Harper said Sunday during a campaign stop in the Ottawa riding of West-Nepean.

“We are talking about the most dangerous places on earth, where governance is nonexistent and violence is widespread and brutal.”


A couple of questions…

Why do we want to keep obviously demented Muslims seeking to join an Islamic murder cult in Canada when we should be encouraging their permanent departure?

Why did we import these lunatics to begin with?

Who within government is responsible for the decision to allow a violent supremacist cult to settle in Canada?