Russian Communist party launches ‘Lenin selfie’ project

Capitalising on Russia’s love-hate relationship with the selfie, a communist youth organisation has launched a competition encouraging young people to share photographs of themselves with statues of the former leader.

Using the hashtag #LeninLives, the group says the project is a “cheap and effective way to popularise the image of the leader of the world’s proletariat among the youth”.



  • ntt1

    We had a Russian Sculptor drop by with his resume some years back. He proudly stated that he could do any size lenin three days. he worked at a foundry in Moscow and after the fall the back lot had ripped down lenin statues stacked like cord wood. the foundry workers were trying to make some cash by melting down lenins and releasing the bronze ingots into the european market. That failed as the surplus depressed the limited market. A useless fact is that any bronze of a soviet hero had a percentage of silver mixed in .theoretically it would be possible to track how far recycled russian bronze went.

    • I amazed that any of his statues still exist.

      • andycanuck

        Other than the one in Toronto? (Or is it one of Marx?)

        • ntt1

          could be jack the dipper, he evolved into a sort of lenin like figure now we can have fun watching olivia turn into madame chiang Kai shek

      • ntt1

        they might all be smelted down by now but there were plenty of photos showing stacks of statues with their big feet all pointing the same way

      • Clinton

        It’s amazing, but someone in Seattle bought one from Russia
        after the fall of communism, and the city put it up in a public
        space. The fact that Seattle would (re)erect a monument to the
        founder of a tyranny that murdered tens of millions of people still
        astonishes me. Seattle is infested with droves of clueless

        • k1992

          Some of them aren’t clueless, they’re just plain evil. They fully understand the oppression and misery Communism would bring (that’s all it ever did) but hope to be part of the 2.5% elite in the Communist hierarchy with the power, influence and wealth, not part of the pathetic, poverty-stricken Prole or lesser bureaucrat classes (to use Orwell’s terminology).

    • tom_billesley

      To please Lenin and Stalin, they should have used the bronze from their statues to make church bells.

  • andycanuck

    I prefer Max Plancking instead, where you lay up flat against a physicist.

  • Gary

    I thought that was Jack Layton with a female victim of human trafficking sitting on his lap to talk about the first thing that pops up.

  • Nic

    Hey, some of these commie chicks are pretty hot, wonder what they would look like after a gulag diet & exercise.