Parapan Am Games make Pachi the Porcupine a paraplegic

Pan Am Games enthusiast Matt Philips of TheRebel.Media can’t wait to tell Torontonians about how exciting the Parapan Am Games are going to be.

But as a privileged able person, he doesn’t feel he’s the right guy to ask so he enlists the aid of his buddy Shayne Smith. Together with wheelchair and microphone, they hit the streets to ask people how excited they are and find out how they feel about Games’ officials cutting a few of Pachi the Porcupine’s limbs off and sticking him in a wheelchair to support the games.

  • Waffle

    This is satire, right? RIGHT??? Rebel — this is really bad! (and I don’t mean in a good way). It is so bad, I horked up way more than my usual complement of hairballs and I snorted my coffee out of my nose.

  • Gary

    Maybe I missed something about Wynne’s flash of genius to put HOV lanes on the Gardiner during this summers Pan Am and Handicapped games ( para able as in similar to able) .
    So maybe someone out there can explain to me how disabled persons that qualify to be in the Games can suddenly be able to drive a car on the Gardiner in the HOV lanes while able body persons need passengers .

    You’re either handicapped or you’re not , unless this was a ruse by Wynne to get people used to a special Lane which will then slowly morph into a quasi-407 Pay-as-u-go Tax grab to fund the next Election fraud scheme .
    Justin wants to screw the low income people with more taxes in the Al Gore Carbon Credit scam (that Gore tried to sell to ENRON 20 years ago) while his rich friends still get to fly around in Jets and drive V8 luxury cars to and from their 3000 sq ft homes , or , to the Airports to globe trot and attend those Global Warming events on how to save the Planet .

    • It was a ruse, the HOV will become pay lanes shortly.

  • marty_p

    what? not a gay paraplegic???

    • Oh Oh!

    • Clausewitz

      Make him black, and female as well and he could run for the NDP. Oh yeah, and at least 10% Native Canadian for good measure.

  • ntt1

    I would settle for someone removing his gay quills with a pair of pliers and encouraging the little hair ball to straighten up and fly right.