Notorious ISIS recruiter, Omar Omsen, dies in Syria

Franco-Senegalese jihadist, Omar Diaby, better known as Omar Omsen, has been killed in Syria, French media reported on Sunday. He’s believed to have recruited dozens of French nationals, mostly from his hometown of Nice, to join the jihad cause in Syria.

  • luna

    1 down, 1.6 billion to go.

    • Ya gotta start somewhere;)

    • Gary

      At the rate they are slaughtering each other, there just might be peace on Earth once islams down to about 400,000 followers that can’t keep threatening the 6,000,000,000 non-muslims and risk being wipe out like a cancer.

      The “Few” bad apples that Obama likes to cite to excuse away quranic inspires terrorism by muslims is now looking like the whole Orchard is producing toxic fruit that’s killing those that eat it.
      Torch the whole damn lot of trees and stop the deaths.

      A death-cult by any other name………