Millions of A̶f̶r̶i̶c̶a̶n̶ ̶m̶i̶g̶r̶a̶n̶t̶s̶ Illegal Alien Invaders threaten standard of living, Philip Hammond says

Millions of African migrants Illegal Alien Invaders pose a threat to the standard of living and social structure of the UK and the rest of Europe, the Foreign Secretary has warned.

Philip Hammond said under EU laws migrants can be “pretty confident” that they will never be returned to their home countries, adding that it will not be “sustainable” if Europe has to “absorb” millions of African migrants.

He also said that there will always be a threat to the security of the Channel Tunnel as long as there are still large numbers of “pretty deperate” migrants who are “maurauding” in the Calais area.

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    The jews at the Fed and Wall St threaten US goyim’s standard of living

    • BillyHW


    • The subject is illegal aliens. And this clown changes the subject to Jews.

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  • chuck_2012

    as is usual the invasion of britain is well under way and the British seem asleep during all of this. After resisting the germans in WW2 why now is resistance so mediocre?

  • simus1

    Who enacted these mysterious laws designed to destroy countries?
    Why can’t these “refugees” simply be interned until they are sent back later?

  • Dana Garcia

    Every African and Middle Easterner allowed to stay will be texting his cousins telling them how generous the welfare system is and how they should all come to the comfy first world. Remember there are over a billion Africans, mostly poor, not to mention the millions of sketchy characters in the Middle East.

    Rewarding he behavior (illegal immigration) incentivizes more of same.

  • Jim Horne

    “The one principle we have to embrace is on immigration. Immigration without assimilation is an invasion.” Louisiana Governor, Bobby Jindal

    Wonder if Nigel Farage or another British politician will use that gem?

  • If 50 million Brits take in 55 million Africans, the “standard of living” might change.

    Hot tip little beaver. Nice to see you have a fine grip on reality.

  • Ron MacDonald

    It’s time to start shoot to kill.

  • ntt1

    time for the inevitable mass deportations to begin, dump the invaders on any african toehold that is ocean transport.

    • mobuyus

      The British used to say the “wogs start at Calais”. They were referring to the French, now look what they’ve invited.

      • ntt1

        they must draw the line soon ,or it will be over as the British culture is swamped by invaders.

  • Gary

    How odd that Obama and Black org.’s in Canada are obsessed with bashing whitey over the rampant racism and oppression as we see millions of African Blacks flocking to Whitey’s Nations for the freedoms and benefits for all of Whitey’s inventions like cars, Planes, Clean water, AC power, TV ‘s, phones
    and so on while didn’t come out of islamic or Non-white nation .

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    Sadly , the US media and our CBC have so many dolts on staff that none of them can connect the dots and see this pattern where the two alleged most oppressed groups according to the CBC are the same two groups flocking to Canada .

    • mobuyus

      The cbc is more concerned with hiring non-threatening pink shirted beta-males and alpha females than to report on any islamic invasion.

      • ntt1

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        • mobuyus

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          • mobuyus


  • Chuck Maverick

    All of Europe, you had turned into a bunch of freaking ass holes. The mighty Britain now a bunch of wimps. Shame on you, shame on you giving your country away you God damned fools.