Iran accused of sentencing dead man to death to cover up torture

Supporters of an Iranian faith healer who was jailed for blasphemy and “touching the wrists of female patients” have accused the country’s government of posthumously sentencing him to death to cover up his death from torture and hunger strike.

Mohammad Ali Taheri, a pioneer of “holistic” complementary medicine, initially received a five-year jail sentence. His case was among those raised last week by Zeid Ra’ad Al-Hussein, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, after it was announced last weekend that he had later been sentenced to death by Iran’s “revolutionary court” on fresh charges of spreading “corruption on earth”.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    I don’t know about this story.
    The Iranian government is pretty trustworthy and I don’t think they would lie about something so serious.
    That’s the impression I get from reading White House press releases by my own government.

    • You’re absolute right, it would be foolish to mistrust Tehran.

      • Minicapt

        Ayatollah them it was his fault.


  • Gary

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