Back in the day Wynne’s government would have banned steam engines and demanded wind powered trains.

Wynne implies transcontinental railway wouldn’t have been built if Harper was PM in 19th century

  • Ron MacDonald

    Back in the day if she were prime minister we would still be paying off her debt, she would have sold Saskatchewan and Alberta to the Americans and Ruperts Land to the Danes.

    • But the Gay Pride Parades would be huge!

      • Ron MacDonald

        The crowds watching them get strung up to the nearest tree would be larger.

  • ontario john

    It would have cost ten times more and would only have stops in Toronto.

  • ontario john

    But that evil Harper must be stopped. In the Sunday Star their featured letter to the editor is from an instructor with the Ontario Studies in Education who states that Harper is using weather warnings to scare us into supporting him. The bastard, is there no stopping him.

    • simus1

      Thank Gaia and Marx we have OISE to protect us from Harperhitler if Shiny Pony and Malcair crash and burn in the coming election..

  • Bernie

    Wind Power is a great idea! She is so full of hot air and gas she would Fart her way across Ontario if she could. Anybody have a match to help light her up?

    • mobuyus

      She could use a large rubber wanger to generate pussy farts for extra propulsion.

  • Frances

    Does Wynne not remember that it was the Conservatives, led by Sir John A, who pushed the building of the railroad to British Columbia?

    • simus1

      Does GLLKDW not remember it was the Liberal liars of the day who also professed a great enthusiasm to build such a railway? Whenever they were in power during that era they commissioned engineering survey after survey after survey for the sole purpose of delay and obfuscation. They had zero intention of ever building anything.

  • SDMatt
    • Clausewitz

      Funny, you’ve never seen them together in the same room. Makes one wonder doesn’t it.

  • Millie_Woods

    So I guess we can count on her enthusiastic support for the energy east pipeline?

    • Clausewitz

      Only if she can tax the oil flowing through the province to the refineries down east. Jurisdiction has never stopped her in the past.