Arab Christian leaders: Same old song and dance on Israel

When one pauses to reflect on what significant Arab Christian leaders have been saying about the problems in the Middle East these past few years, one throws up one’s hands in despair. You guessed it. Their real complaint is with Israel

Last summer, a group of Christian scholars from Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, the West Bank and Iraq gathered in Cyprus under the auspices of an organization called the Christian Academic Forum for Citizenship in the Arab World.

The theme of the conference was, “Shifting Identities: Changes in the Political, Social and Religious Structures in the Arab World.”

The Diyar Consortium, a Bethlehem-based, pro-Palestinian propaganda organization led by Lutheran Pastor Rev. Dr. Mitri Raheb, played a substantial role in organizing the conference, which was attended by more than 50 intellectuals from the fields of academia, journalism, and government in the Middle East.