Worst day of violence in years leaves 50 dead in Kabul

A wave of attacks on Afghan army and police bases and an American special forces base in Kabul has killed at least 50 people and wounded hundreds, during the deadliest day in Kabul for years.

The coordinated attacks took place across the capital on Friday, dimming hopes that the Taliban might be weakened by a leadership struggle after their longtime leader’s death.

Buildings close to Camp Integrity – the US special forces base, close to Kabul’s airport – were flattened by the huge explosion and damaged during a gunfight lasting several hours.

Helicopters buzzed overhead all night, evacuating the injured – which included three Americans, according to the Wall St Journal. A US Army spokesman would confirm only that two insurgents were killed.

  • Xavier

    Impossible. Obama won the war in Afghanistan.

    • And Iraq!

      • Gary

        Time to pull back all troops from any islamic hell-hole and let them slaughter each other for allah’s peace so islam is down to about 300,000 moderate that will finally let us live in peace.

    • Linda1000

      Why are a few Special Forces left swinging in the wind in Afghanistan. That shithole place doesn’t deserve any more U.S. assistance or aid.

  • G

    Don’t care.

  • Frances

    “Worst day of violence”?!? How many men and women did the Taliban execute in a single day when they were in power?

    • Minicapt

      That was following the orders of Allah, which is completely different, in all respects.


  • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

    A blood-soaked Friday in a Muslim country?

    Par for the course.

  • Gary

    Don’t tell me, Justin and Tommy will now hijack this issue and bash Harper for not sending our Troops to Afghanistan .
    Forget that it was Chretien that sent them and once Paul Martin lost the Election the Liberals and NDP THEN wanting Canada out . Nice….even Omar Khadr became an issue once Harper was in charge because when Liberals left that POS terrorist in GITMO the CBC and STAR endorsed it.