The Writing is On the Wall for the U.S. Military in the Persian Gulf

The long U.S. military presence in the Persian Gulf, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt is likely drawing to a close. What once worked to assure stability in the region and keep the oil flowing will not work in the face of Iranian nuclear capability, and the administration is disinclined to rethink a workable strategy. The United States will likely reengage, but only when the resulting chaos spreads to our shores, as it surely will.


I have long maintained that Obama’s goal was a withdrawal from the Middle East.

The Iran deal has opened the floodgates and Israel will now find itself increasingly isolated as other nations follow Obama’s lead and offer at best token lip service in Israel’s defense.

Europe will certainly accelerate the process to appease its Muslim hordes.

  • Jay Currie

    I suspect sensible Israelis long since realized that they were on their own in the ME. And they have proceeded to conclude a working alliance with Egypt to suppress Hamas and ISIS and covert alliances with Sunni states including Saudi all of whom are reeling in the wake of the US rapprochement with Iran.

    Israel still needs some weaponry from the US but it certainly does not need the US acting contrary to its interests. (I’d argue that the US does not need the dunce Kerry and the ever idiotic Obama acting contrary to its interests either; but that will have to wait on the election of a new President.)

    • Norman_In_New_York

      Self-sufficiency in weaponry has been a goal of Israel ever since the founding of the state, when they had to overcome a U.N. arms embargo to win the war. As of now, Israel is dependent on the U.S. for manned aircraft and their armament and on Germany for attack submarines., One of their defense specialists predicted that by 20 years from now, Israel’s air force will be 2/3rds drones of their own manufacture.

  • The one weapon Israel needs to deal with Iran immediately is an EMP type nuclear bomb, which is exploded high above the country and kills no one but destroys all telecommunications and electric and electronic machinery. Once this is exploded, Israeli commandos can go in and destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities and maybe even their evil ayatollahs in their beds. I hope Israel has this equipment. I hope they have the wisdom to use it now.

    • mobuyus

      I hope so too. I have more faith in Israel doing what is right and necessary than I do in obama and his clown circus.