The Treacherous Waters of Christian-Muslim Dialogue

Whenever Christian and Muslim leaders meet for purposes of inter-religious dialogue, people responsible for the safety and well being of the Jewish people need to pay attention.

And it’s not just Jews. Lay Christians and moderate Muslims need to stay on guard as well.

Time and again, Christian leaders have proven themselves to be naïve and feckless in their dealings with Muslim dialogue partners. Too often they speak with Muslim leaders who, when they are not speaking words of peace to Christians, promote Jew-hatred and support terrorism to their fellow Muslims.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Hey, I have a crazy idea that might just work.
    It’s called “know whom you are out-reaching to”!

    I know, it’s a crazy concept, but it could alleviate a lot of misunderstandings and hurt feelings if you were to actually research the people you are conferring legitimacy upon.
    If you don’t feel comfortable out-reaching your congregation to the KKK or the Nazi Party (without the aim of converting them), then maybe you should rethink any association with any mosques, or at least 95% of them.

    Besides, if these Christian ministers haven’t forgotten, Christanity is a proselytizing religion, and if the Imams will not let you proselytize their fellow Muslims, then these efforts are already outside of Christian scripture and you should have no part of that heretical nonsense.

    Conversion, conversions, and more conversions are what it’s all about, and it’s certainly not allowing a false religion to share the stage with you and steal the social capital that Jesus Christ himself (and two melenia of followers) have left behind as one of his legacies.

    • Common sense advice our “betters” seem unable to absorb.

  • Dana Garcia

    Jesus admonished his disciples to “Be wise as serpents.” So it is not scriptural to be stupid and get taken in by allah’s gangsters who lie to advance their barbaric “faith.”

    Christians should have better things to do than hang out with choppers anyway — reading a good book perhaps, or pulling weeds. Any time spent with civilization’s enemies is time wasted.

  • Minicapt

    Next … J Street, the Jewish Voice for Peace, anti-Zionists, Tikkun?


  • Xavier

    It’s hard to dialog without a head.

  • Shebel

    At least Pope Francis is doing a good job at destroying Catholicism .
    He is bringing Catholics into the modern world.
    Why don’t you apologize to we Protestants first—–you fucking wimp.

  • Gary

    As long as the islamists have brain dead dolts in Canada Like Wynne and Barbara Hall, the sharia law will end up in every Public school which will be a Mosque/madrassa by de facto and funded by the taxpayers.