Report: ISIS executes 300 civil servants in Mosul

Mosul, Aug 9: A firing squad of the Islamic State terrorist group on Saturday executed at least 300 civil servants who worked for the Iraqi Supreme Electoral Commission at a military camp in Iraqi city of Mosul, according to witnesses and security officials. The spokesman for National Multitude, a military force in Nineveh province whose capital is Mosul, Mahmoud al-Sauaryih, told EFE that at least 50 of those shot to death at the Al Gazlani camp were women.

Meanwhile, the national office of the Electoral Commission said in a communique that the IS jihadists cut the throats of another group of its employees in Mosul. The commission asked the international community, the UN and human rights organisations to “intervene immediately to stop the massacre and crimes against the Iraqi people”. The victims’ families told EFE that the terrorists informed them of the deaths but did not hand over their bodies.IS overran Mosul on June 10 of last year and since then has gained control over other cities in northern Iraq, where it declared a caliphate in the lands it has subjected in this country and in Syria.

A slightly more detailed report here.

  • Alain

    Any possibility that ISIS will be coming to Ottawa soon?

    • Petey

      Ha – that’s what I was thinking: an efficient way to make public service … cuts.

      • No problem. Public service employees like the liberals. The liberals like the Muslims. The circle will be complete when the Jihadis deal with the public service employees.

        Hey. It’s only Islam and liberals.

    • Ouch;)

    • mauser 98

      or Queens Park
      ISIS not so bad after all

    • Maurixio Garcia Sanchez

      The way Harper is managing the Middle East , who knows if they are already here,with one hand he is bringing in by 1000’s of Muslims into the country,with his other hand he is spending billions of dollars to fight the the terrorists Muslims .

    • mobuyus

      If angry tom and his ndp win, it will certainly be an invitation for isis to come and visit Ottawa.

  • BillyHW

    I hope CUPE is watching.

  • pdxnag

    So how does Islamic State select their own top dogs? It must be with bullets or knives or bombs because it sure could not be a ballot box, that might get you killed or something.

    • mobuyus

      The choice is made in a circle jerk with the winner chosen to lead.

  • eMan14

    Maybe if we ignore them, they will go away. And unicorn pee will run my car non stop for 25 years.

    • tiny timato

      If mossad stops paying them they would disappear like a jew at Auschwitz

    • mobuyus

      Harness the power of the rainbow.

  • Veracious_one
  • tiny timato

    Sure jews, whatever you say- derp- muh 6 million. I am all in favor of this if it relieves IL of its pension obligations to govt employee slobs.

  • Veracious_one

    because the Iraqi Supreme Electoral Commission is apparently un-Islamic

    • mobuyus

      Every thing every where is unislamic.