Report: 100% Of Female Employment Gains Since 2007 Came From Foreigners

A record-setting 52,209,000 women are currently not in the labor force.

However, despite this statistic, foreign-born women seem to be doing quite well for themselves, at least compared to U.S.-born women, when it comes to employment gains. In fact, since 2007, all of the employment gains for women came from foreigners.

  • krystallnacht

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  • Ottawa Eyes

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    • bob goldberg

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  • canminuteman

    The vast majority of work is totally boring drudgery for very little financial gain, that people do because they must do it to survive. Only a shmuck wants to work for a living. If these 52 million women have found a way to survive without working for a living, more power to them. They are obviously being well fed, and housed because there are not 52 million skinny homeless women in the US. More power to them I say. The aliens would be there even if there were 52 million “high flying carer women”, doing well paid fulfilling meaningful work.

    • bob goldberg

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      • canminuteman

        I think you’ll find that the US dollar is still the world wide currency of choice, despite what the Fed has done to it, so I don’t think that’s a problem.

  • Liberal Progressive

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  • bob goldberg

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