One Week Later, Back to the Usual Terror in Israel

Last week, Israelis and people around the world were shocked when a home in an Arab village in the West Bank was firebombed leaving an infant dead and the rest of his family gravely injured. Though the crime has yet to be solved, it had all the earmarks of a “price tag” attack in which extremist Jews living in the settlements retaliated for Arab terrorism with a similar atrocity. The incident provoked harsh condemnations from the Israeli government and an outpouring of outrage from the vast majority of Israelis and Jews around the world. Many on the Jewish left sought to exploit it in order to score political points against the Netanyahu government. But the notion that Jews had behaved in this indefensible manner generated a serious discussion about the need for soul searching and the need to redouble efforts to combat hate. That much needed conversation continues yet a week later in a very real sense Israel is back to business as usual. By that, I don’t mean harsh political debate. Rather it is the usual litany of Palestinian terrorist attacks that are so common that they are treated as routine events that don’t merit a smidgeon of coverage in the international press. Unfortunately, none of the latest assaults on Israelis are provoking much condemnation from Palestinians, let alone soul searching.