Naked hypocrisy: If Trudeau topless photo is “no big deal,” why does Media Party blur it? #elxn42

There’s a new twist on that now-notorious photo of Justin Trudeau posing with a topless young woman at a Pride parade.

  • BillyHW

    He’s you’re next prime minister folks. Get ready for the Justin era.

  • andycanuck

    Good comeback, The Rebel. Some troll here or at SDA was making the same complaint—no one cares about it!!1!!1

  • Waffle

    Way back when, I wondered what her boys would think when Mattress Maggie published her first book, Beyond Reason, in which she described (in graphic detail) “doing it” standing up with Jack Nicholson in the washroom of Club 22. I guess I have my answer now. Oh, and Daddy was bi. So Justin grew up in a very “liberal” household. Can we expect his sense of what is appropriate to be any different?

  • Canadian

    They wouldn`t want to take the focus off Turdeau`s hair.