Justin’s Other Mommy Wynne Caught In Netflix Tax Lie #elxn42

Never wanted to tax Netflix: Wynne

Wynne insisted on Friday that she has been clear from the beginning on the issue of taxing Netflix.

“We never had any intention of bringing in new taxes or regulations,” she said Friday. “I have no idea where or why Stephen Harper would make that an issue.”

University of Ottawa Law Professor Michael Geist, in an article published in the Toronto Star in March, said Freedom of Information documents show Ontario government officials prepared a submission to the CRTC that supported a Netflix tax, putting considerable effort into preparing that position.

Such a fee could be added to the cost of Netflix and YouTube to fund Canadian content.

According to Geist, the Ontario government hit pause and then rewind after its proposal became controversial.

  • kkruger71

    I could see how they might track down and tax Netflix accounts, but how in the world would they tax Youtube?

    • Good question but I am certain a way must exist. Perhaps someone with tech expertise can explain it.

      • FactsWillOut

        Simple pass the law. The law will require ISP’s to give monthly reports to the state. Those reports are analysed, and you are taxed based upon a calculation of bandwidth use and the number of times the youtube domain is accessed through ISP DNS’.

        • Clausewitz

          My ISP gives me unlimited bandwidth and they are not tracking usage. Most of my usage is for high level gaming with daily updates. The Ontario government can go fuck themselves if they think one more tax will be tolerated by the majority of citizens. This could be the straw that finally breaks the camels back.

  • FactsWillOut

    The scary part is that they would have to perform packet inspection to check for non-compliance.
    This is the back-door method to achieve Vic Toews’ warrantless ISP account searches.

  • wallyj180

    “Amid the debate over who wants a tax on Netflix (answer: nobody), we learned that … ”


    The CBC is still using the ‘ netflix tax’ to denigrate the Conservatives. The picture below is what you see when you open their politics page, even though in the last 15 seconds of yesterday’s ‘National’ they admitted that the corporation supported the tax/fee/levy. That little bit,seen by very few, will be their ‘ out’ if they are questioned on the matter.

    The CBC’s bottom line will improve by literally hundreds of millions over the next few years if PM Harper is defeated. They cannot be trusted.

  • wallyj180

    In today’s featured ‘politics’ article at the CBC site;
    ” Amid the debate over who wants a tax on Netflix (answer: nobody), ”


    The last 10 seconds of last night’s National;

    Adrienne Arsenault, ” …the CBC has called on Netflix and other similar streaming services to contribute to the Canadian media fund as Canadian broadcasters do, and that is the National …”


    That isn’t journalism, that is outright manipulation of the facts to pad their bottom line.