It’s International Cat Day

So lets watch a kitten video – The Great Kitten Escape

Lots more Cats here…

  • Dana Garcia

    It sure beats World Refugee Day.

    • By a whisker;)

      • Dana Garcia

        Buy a whiskey?

        If you insist…

  • ThomasB

    I’m going to get all racist and redneck here (since that is my true conservative nature!) but I notice that the shyer ones tended to be light colored, and Jupiter – who was black furred – was the most adventurous. I wonder if any evidence exists of a relation to temperament in cats based on fur color, whether they’re being dappled or all one color effects their behaviour at all? Do cats even care about color? All very important questions (at least if. like me, you’re sipping a beer and enjoying a lazy Saturday afternoon!)

    • Justin St.Denis

      Ginger-coloured cats are the most adventurous of all in my experience. Light or dark ginger doesn’t matter. Ginger spells adventures (and trouble). I just love ginger cats and kitties.

    • Gingers do have a rep.

  • Edubeat

    Toronto already has ‘Woofstock’ is there going to be a “MeowStock” as well?

    • The Cat show is on at the CNE again this year, that’s always fun.

  • Blacksmith

    Thanks for that it made my day.

  • Minicapt

    Dogged littles ones …