Islamist Influence in Hollywood

Americans are clearly alarmed about Islamic terrorists who are encouraging and spreading violence across the globe, particularly in the Middle East and North Africa, as well as relentlessly threatening violence to the United States. So readers might be surprised to learn that organizations which sympathize and associate with jihadists are yielded a major say over what the film industry says about Islam and Muslims.

  • DMB

    They probably had an influence in the new Rambo movie as well. I find this extremely disappointing since in Rambo 3 John Rambo played by Sylvester Stallone fought along side the mujaheddin in Afghanistan who later became the Taliban. The Taliban gave birth to Al Qaeda which ultimately lead to ISIS. It would have been a great plot were Rambo had regret for helping a group who were radical Islamists in Afghanistan and he wanted to help turn things around by helping to defeat ISIS. Afghanistan was a lot better off under Soviet occupation then it is today were most of the country is controlled by the Taliban. Instead he is going after Mexican drug cartels since they don’t have a lobby group in Hollyweird.

    • We should have nuked Russia after WW II.

      • MRHapla

        More Patton,,less Truman-Ike

  • luna

    Since 9/11 Hollywood bad guys have been Russian, or South American. No Arab terrorists!

    I would love to see Hollywood make a movie about Muhammad based on the most trusted Muslim sources.

    • Not those cowards.

    • Alain

      Add to that list those dangerous “extreme right-wing” Christian terrorists.

  • I’m linking an old post of mine here because “pay attention to meee!” but mainly because the Mark Steyn piece that it’s about is very relevant and very interesting. Also I like the picture.

  • roccolore

    There is an influence. Ku Klux Kair got Alice in Arabia cancelled before a pilot was even made.

  • magic man

    Boy- I’ve read some real BS on this site but saying anyone but the jews controlling Hymiewood is laughable.

  • Gary

    Since CAIR has been proven to fund Hamas and terrorism in general, it’s the fear of studio bombing and beheading of staff that makes them pretend to respect islam .
    Muslims seem to be the only ones that don’t know they are in a quasi Death-cult.

  • MRHapla

    Hollywood PCLibScum got over run with gays, trannys , dopers, so any BS ideology that comes along, they will suck up and spew back.

    Funny how all those old guys on HUAC were demonized,,but proven correct.