Indonesian Islamic State fighter calls for ‘lone wolf’ attacks on Christians

Indonesian fighters who have joined Islamic State in Syria are using social media to encourage fellow jihadists back home to murder Christians by any means necessary.

There are some 23 million Christians in Indonesia, as well as large numbers of tourists – including many Australians – visiting places such as Bali who are also followers of the faith and could be targets of such “lone wolf” attacks.

In September last year, IS spokesman Abu Muhammad al-Adnani urged supporters to kill “non-believers” in response to US-led air strikes against its forces.

  • African

    23 million Christians is a huge amount of people and the best these Christians can do is to organize, arm themselves to the teeth and defend themselves and their regions against the genocidal islamic fascists.

    • luna

      Wishful thinking, by the time they appreciate the scale of the problem it is too late.

    • chayisun

      And if they did they would be condemned by the pope and every brain dead politician.

  • chayisun

    I await the Pope taking to the airways to condemn the followers of islam and order Christians to murder muslims wherever they are found. That would make a great novel.

  • Ken

    My in-laws live in Jakarta, (all Indonesian Christians). They are middle class and keep a low profile, but something tells me they will be applying for refugee status within my lifetime.

    • herr wolf.

      Just keep them out of the US- we are chock-full-o untermensch as it is

    • African

      That is the sad truth.

  • herr wolf.

    Since when do jews care about Christians- oh yeah- they don’t

  • There is a world war going on, and our leadership refuses to admit it.