Another oil company driven into a substantial loss by a vengeful NDP government

Ezra Levant of TheRebel.Media reports on another oil company reporting significant losses, and it’s not due to falling oil prices.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Alberta NDP.
    One and done.

  • canminuteman

    Ezra, I’m a fan, but to claim that the price of oil can fall from110 to 44 dollars a barrel and not have an impact on oil companies is just wrong. Admittedly the government isn’t going to help the situation, but really…

    • DD_Austin

      It may or may not have an impact on Oil sands companies, some will go under, some will have saved from their 110 windfall days and ride it out. Thats normal business.

      it definitely will not have an impact at prices at the pump, when oil “crashed” in price, the pump price dipped for about 2 weeks. That’s the government
      and retailing oil companies price colluding to rip us all off.

      And that’s also why I could give a rats ass about the oil sands, because
      whether it’s arab oil or alberta oil, the canadian people will get the shaft
      somewhere before the end of the pipeline

      • canminuteman

        If the price of oil gets cut in half, their revenue gets cut in half, their profits are going to fall. I agree that gasoline prices are higher than they were last time oil was this cheap, but currently you have to factor in the fact that as the oil price has fallen, so has the Canadian dollar. And here in Ontario, in the last few years we have added the HST to gasoline of 7 percent, and a “carbon” tax of 5 percent. Take away HST, Carbon tax, and a dollar worth 75 cents and it would be 75 cents a liter. And don’t forge that the government has to get money out of us somehow for all the free stuff they shower us with.
        And retail oil companies will get as much for their product as they can, like everyone else in a market place. If someone thinks it is possible to undercut the other guys and make money in the business they are free to start their own oil company. Huskey oil is like that, I understand they are the only company in Canada that explores, drills, refines and retails oil products. They are publically traded. You are free to buy shares in the company and share in the windfall.

        • DD_Austin

          Their revenue gets cut in half? More like four fifths

          Of course the 4/5 now to going to the retailer and the
          government (3/5 to the government)

          Free stuff? You mean the high priced garbage and graftthey pedal at gunpoint

          Buy stocks? That’s for chumps

          • canminuteman

            Well, if you buy stock in the company, and the company makes tons of money, you get to share in the windfall. If you think it’s for chumps, I assume it’s because you realize they aren’t making any money.