Will The White Members Of McMaster’s CUPE Local 3906 Resign En Masse In Protest Of Canada’s White Supremacist Society?

A reader forwarded me an email sent by CUPE Local 3906 to all graduate student teaching assistants at McMaster.

One action item announced a recruiting drive by Black, Brown and Red Lives Matter, AKA – BBRLM:

BBRLM is recruiting people to join their Steering Committee. 
Being part of the Committee is to join a team of wonderful and dedicated comrades in the struggle for racial equity and anti-oppression.  Their struggle currently revolves around the epidemic racial and class bias in policing, and policing practices that encroach upon and dismiss our rights under the Charter of Rights and Freedom. To be clear, they are neither against the police nor blind to the broader political, economical, and social context that are the backdrop setting the role of policing in a neoliberal-capitalistic, colonial, and white supremacy racist society. What BBRLM offers is an avenue for organizing and mobilizing against racism and articulating and working towards community empowerment.

BBRLM is at this moment recruiting Indigenous and Black women to join their team.

They strive to have racial and gender diversity in our Committee. Having an understanding of anti-oppression or anti-racist principles would be valuable. Tasks of Committee members vary per action plan items, and will be elaborated upon after recruitment.
For more information, please visit: www.bbrlm.wordpress.com

(NB. BBRLM is currently housed under OPIRG McMaster.)

Well I must say I am thankful that CUPE Local 3906 has enlightened me to the fact that Canada is a veritable cesspool of oppression being a neoliberal-capitalistic colonial white supremacy racist society and all. As the possessor of magical white skin myself I was moved to contact CUPE Local 3906 directly and express my solidarity with BBRLM.
Boy was I shocked when I looked up their twitter account.  Take a look at that group photo! They’re at least 80% White Oppressors and the few visible “people of colour” have no doubt internalized the White Man’s Racism!!
I’m certain they’ll all resign en masse once this glaring example of white privilege and hypocrisy is pointed out to them!  Won’t they? Hope they get that all gender washroom thing sorted out too.

CUPE Local 3906
Below is a copy of the CUPE 3906 email sent to my attention.

CUPE Local 3906 email