Why History will Curse the Democrats

What will happen when the fanatics of Iran explode their first bomb? What if they drop a dirty bomb on Tel Aviv or Riyadh, as they can already do today? What if they stage an armored blitzkrieg against Saudi Arabia by way of Syria and Jordan, under the protection of their own nuclear umbrella?

They have threatened to do all those things — and if they do, Obama will not escape the blame.

  • G

    Of course he will escape blame. The same types of
    people who are revising history right now will be revising history then.

    He is Obama. The first black president in country over run with racist whites. Do you think news providers or academic historians will let a little thing like competence judgement or leadership affect their story?

  • Ron MacDonald

    Most of academia are leftists, they’ll rewrite history to make Obama seem great.

  • David Murrell

    I agree with the comments by G and Ron here. One can add that, like most Democratic presidents, Obama once he is retired will set up his own left-wing lobby group, and will recycle dollars from his charity to the corrupt establishment media complex, in order to reframe his rather pathetic public image.

    One thing conservatives should do is to start using the phrase “Obama bomb” as much as possible. Since quislings Obama and Kerry guaranteed a nuclear weapon to Iran, the phrase fits.

  • Hard Little Machine

    You assume he would object to be connected to it? This isn’t a problem it’s a goal.

  • There will be a war. It will belong to Obama.

    I have wondered how long the Obama intoxication can last.

    I live in a liberal area. The willingness of the Obama-ites to ignore reality is hard to understand.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Maybe the Iranians will use a piece of the released $150 billion to finance Obama’s presidential library.

  • Gary

    His whole life and efforts as President will be reduced to ” The first non-white president” .
    It could also fit on Double-bubble comic cells.