“Who do they think is going to pay the bills for everything?”

Not a lot of people watched tonight’s first Canadian leaders debate — about 30,000 watched it streaming on YouTube

  • Linda1000

    Alberta is a one industry province of oil and gas and the economic spinoff from that single industry. Destroy the oil and gas industry and AB is toast so how will that benefit Canada. We don’t have a varied natural resource base like B C., ON or Quebec. AB has little pockets of ranching, farming, a couple of northern diamond mines but that’s about it and no water. Even Sask. is better off in resources than Alberta. Most Albertans are tired of the constant bashing of the oil sands by smarmy Easterners, enviro activists, politicians like Wynne and JT Libtards or separatistes for Mulcair who always say give us more money for a pipeline to go through Quebec.
    Since this election is going to be decided by the outer ridings around Toronto, and maybe Quebec, I wonder if ON will have enough sense to vote for Harper.

    • Ed Ellison

      Please check your facts Linda, there are no diamond mines in Alberta.
      Also there is extensive farming and ranching over most of the province.
      Logging and pulp are big industries as well in the north.
      Lots of water but no deep lakes to speak of.
      I have to agree though that the biggest industry in Alberta is oil and gas, by far.

      • Linda1000

        My mistake the mines are further north in NWT and Nunavut. They are looking for deposits in northern AB tho.
        I thought the forestry and pulp had declined very significantly since 2005? As for the ranching and farming they generate money but don’t employ great numbers of people even with the meat processing plants? I think of AB as being a much smaller economy than some of the other provinces like B.C., ON, Quebec but maybe I’m wrong. Seems like most of the water is in northern AB and there isn’t much up there. we only have one big lake -Great Slave Lake, miles from nowhere.

      • Which is now all but scrapped thanks to the NDP.

    • Cheryl

      Sorry the people in Ontario do not have the sense as you can see, who the hell is running Ontario? I voted Conservative in the Provincial election and I will vote Conservative in the Federal election. The only trouble is most people in Ontario don’t have the sense.

      • Linda1000

        I dont get it and its not just younger people who don”t have any sense. Lots of older people or seniors think Trudeau or Mulcair will be a good change for Canada. It’s some kind of new disease. Look at who’s in charge of Alberta for the next four years.

        • Clausewitz

          The people of Ontario (OK mostly the GTA) think the world revolves around them because they are so Cool, Hip, and Progressive. It’s the whole style over substance cult that started with Trudeau the elder. Never let it be said that any of the new Progressives has ever given a thought to spending their way out of a deficit. Just sit back and let that sink in for a moment. Spending your way out of a deficit.

          • Linda1000

            Well, I don’t know what happened because the GTA used to be quite conservative when I lived there and Bill Davis was Premier. I stopped following ON politics after I moved in ’85.

  • We are.

    Did Trudeau, May or Mulcair forget that?

  • Kathy Nelson


    Canadians should build their own pipelines to their west coast. That oil is meant for China anyway. Even if the US gets a republican president the Keystone is not likely to go through because it is of no value to the US and represents only a terrorist target or a serious environmental threat. Let Canada prosper with its own pipeline (and pay for all the problems it causes).

    • Clausewitz

      So you believe we should not sell our resources? Time for you to sit in on my grade 11 economics history of Canada class. Canada was built on the sale of resources around the world. How is oil any different? BTW the oil in Alberta could replace what the US uses from Saudi Arabia. God forbid a Democrat president should ever think about buying that resource from their closest ally as opposed to the nation that gave them 19 out of the 20 911 terrorists.