The Pope Calls for ‘Muslim-Christian’ Dialogue to Free ISIS Hostages. So Why Won’t He Go to Syria?

He must know that a visit to speak with ISIS would reveal all his preaching on “dialogue” to be a dangerous sham.

  • simus1

    Pope Most Disgusting the First.

    • African

      Wouldn’t it be a great fun to watch this Pope go to Syria to promote “dialogue” with ISIS and then fall into the hands of ISIS and then shortly after wards hit the TV screens keeling down with an orange jump suit and with an islamic beheader standing next to him taunting the West?

      • No, it wouldn’t.

        If it does not inspire everyone in the West to pick up arms, it will lull them further into silence.

        Wouldn’t that be depressing?

  • jayme

    Every time this moron opens his mouth he makes me almost ashamed to be Catholic. The sooner he’s gone, the better.

    • Zaba

      who’s next?

  • Blacksmith

    As much as I dislike the current pope and don’t trust him, I do appreciate that he is at least saying something. He needs to do a LOT more IMO.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    He needs to meet with the leader of ISIS in Syria.

    • Saint John Paul II was shot by a Turkish Muslim assassin and faced down communists. Pope Benedict XVI was threatened by Islamists.

      What makes Pope Francis think he will have better luck with heretical murderers?

      • Zaba

        low profile….

      • GottaQHFilly

        He’s retarded.


      And put a round between his eyes.

  • sohnes

    Funny, tweeted the same, only with “Raqqa” instead of Syria.

  • Good luck with that, Pope Francis.

    Perhaps he does not recall Pope Benedict’s experiences?

    I don’t think he does.

    • mobuyus

      He’s a socialist, so it’s full steam ahead with socialist arrogance and willful blindness regardless of the facts or evidence.

      • He is not the scholar Pope Benedict is.

        • mobuyus

          No he is not.

          • It’s not like Pope Benedict’s experiences were unknown or anything.

  • morticiaa

    Is that the thumb he uses to hold his little stick to jack off, it looks like it has good muscle developement…

    • mobuyus

      He’s demonstrating his technique in the five knuckle shuffle, and using his left hand so it feels like an alter boy doing it to him.

  • Dana Garcia

    “Dialogue” means polite slo-mo surrender in lib-speak.

  • Icebow

    Not sure whom he reminds me of more, John Kerry or Joe Biden.

  • FactsWillOut

    The RC church should also ask for a dialogue with Mengele Inc, AKA Planned Parenthood. Then they can have a cozy little chat with NAMBLA….

  • tom_billesley

    Will he revive the Mercedarian and Trinitarian orders of friars who used to raise funds and negotiate the ransom of captives taken by Barbary pirates?