Seinfeld Was Right about Campus Comedy

When Jerry Seinfeld complained about political correctness on college campuses, he was attacked by some on the left for making something out of very little. Here is Arthur Chu in Salon: “It’s a familiar, tired drill. Point to instances of creeping overreaction by angry left-wing young people in the classroom, at protests and especially on Tumblr or Twitter. Portray these forces as a terrifying, swelling horde of enforcers with the power to totally destroy the lives of good old hardworking members of the chattering class like yourself.”

  • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

    ‘Muslims are friendly helpers whom we should cherish’

    That’s absolutely true if you’re a Leftist, Progressive, or SJW whose end goal is the end of Western Civilization.

    Political correctness kills comedy.
    It’s great that Jerry Seinfeld raised his voice on this, given how incredibly inoffensive his brand of comedy is.