Race baiting liar Daniele Watts & boyfriend must rewrite court-ordered apology letters after thanking cops for arrest

Daniele Watts and her boyfriend are going back to the drawing board for their court-ordered apology letters to the cops and office workers involved in their lewd conduct arrest last September.

The “Django Unchained” actress and beau Brian Lucas now have until Aug. 26 to submit revised letters after a judge and prosecutors rejected drafts submitted this week as part of their May plea deal.

“I’m glad they have to do a rewrite. No more excuses. She needs to say she was immature and she messed up and that she apologizes for creating the whole conflict,” arresting officer Jim Parker, now retired from the Los Angeles Police Department, told the Daily News.

  • Martin B

    She should be rewriting her apology letter while she’s chained in her prison cell.

  • Clinton

    “We are truly sorry that our expression of love caused such a disturbance
    in your lives that you felt it threatening enough to warrant police involvement.

    Besides the fact that that piece of passive-aggressive doggerel is not
    anything like an apology, there is the fact that if a minor had caught sight of
    them having sex in the street, in public, with the door open –as they were–
    they could have been charged with a felony instead of just lewd conduct.

    They should consider themselves lucky their grotesque behavior didn’t
    get them placed on a list of sex offenders for the rest of their lives. Instead,
    they’re snarking in their pseudo-‘apology’ letters. What a couple of jackasses.

  • Everyone Else

    poor cops

  • We’re just all living in permanent kindergarten now, aren’t we?

    If they can charge the woman and they think it’ll do any good then they can charge her. “Apology letters” to the cops for having been arrested? What utter BS.

  • krystallnacht

    Cops are such a bunch of whiny c#nts- they probably get that from being trained by Israeli security forces

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    She fucked up and played the race card attempting to get out of it.
    Note to self: don’t play the race card.

  • mobuyus

    Her boyfriend an unemployed and unemployable “raw foods chef ” looks like he needs a real meal and not that raw sushi he may have been eating in the car or has he just got aids? Terrible judgement on her part.