I wonder what Mulcair would call this…

Last night’s debate revealed that Mulcair is a base liar. Like Obama he refuses to call Islamic terrorism Islamic. Mulcair criticized Harper for having dared to suggest that Mosques in Canada are involved in the service of Islamic terrorism.

I wonder what Tommy Boy would say about this latest ISIS beheading. Would he blame pipelines? Low corporate tax rates? Islamophobia?

Would he dare suggest they are misunderstanders of Islam, that well known religion of peace?

In last night’s debate Mulcair has demonstrated he is not fit to lead this country, he is a liar and an apologist for Muslim terrorism.

This is islam 7


You can if you wish watch the video here, note it is hosted on a Jihadi site.


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During last night’s debate, Thomas Mulcair said the NDP supports deployment of Canadian troops only “if there is a UN mandate.”