I wonder what Mulcair would call this…

Last night’s debate revealed that Mulcair is a base liar. Like Obama he refuses to call Islamic terrorism Islamic. Mulcair criticized Harper for having dared to suggest that Mosques in Canada are involved in the service of Islamic terrorism.

I wonder what Tommy Boy would say about this latest ISIS beheading. Would he blame pipelines? Low corporate tax rates? Islamophobia?

Would he dare suggest they are misunderstanders of Islam, that well known religion of peace?

In last night’s debate Mulcair has demonstrated he is not fit to lead this country, he is a liar and an apologist for Muslim terrorism.

This is islam 7


You can if you wish watch the video here, note it is hosted on a Jihadi site.


WATCH: A question from The Rebel unleashes “Angry Tom” Mulcair!

During last night’s debate, Thomas Mulcair said the NDP supports deployment of Canadian troops only “if there is a UN mandate.”

  • CodexCoder

    Let’s all take a moment and mentally review the insanity of the UN’s handling of the crisis in Bosnia, Rwanda or Somalia. Then ask Mr. Mulcair why he thinks anyone should look to the UN for leadership and crisis management.

    • He is a slime ball.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        He didn’t answer Lilley’s question.
        And then lied about it.
        ‘That’s not what I said.”
        It’s exactly what he said.
        I still believe that furry faced fuck won’t win because he is a furry faced fuck.
        Also, he looks a little haggard and grey.
        A little AIDS-ey like le bon jack did last time around.

        • mobuyus

          He should black shoe-polish that beard. Unbelievable that he is the most sane one of those communist fuck-heads.

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            If you watch him for any length of time you see a madness.
            It’s moderately convincing like no name granola from stupor store.
            But, it’s not granola.
            Mulcair definitely leaves an aftertaste.

          • mobuyus

            I can see it too, just under the surface , a little flicker in the shadow> I can’t wait to see him lose it. Evey waking second of his life he’s trying consciously to keep “Mad Tom” inside, bottled up. You can see it in his eyes, and,his face grows more haggard, more tired looking. The practiced calm cannot hold.

          • mobuyus

            Angry tom thinks it’s offensive to call a mosque a mosque because obama refers to the shit houses as “House’s of Worship”.

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            But, Tom is a Satanist.
            Why else would he keep his French citizenship?

          • mobuyus

            If he shaved his beard he would look just like looser Tim from the late night chat quest commercial.

          • mobuyus

            It would come in handy for him if he ever tried to surrender Canada to the Goat humping islamists like obama has done. He could say it is in his nature.

  • Bernie

    The UN has no credibility so why would anyone wait for a UN Sanction?. First attack target should be the Destruction of the U.N. Headquarters in New York with the elimination of as many Muslim Terrorists that can be found.

    • Blacksmith

      Hey I like that, round up all the pisslamist in North American put them in the UN building with all their UN buddies and demo the place, it will stink for a while but if they napalm it right after it will help.

    • The UN should be sent packing and frankly Canada should pull out.

      • mobuyus

        I remember kafir anan’s son becoming a multi millionaire over saddam’s and the un’s oil for food and humanitarian goods program. Someone has got to shut this shit show down no matter how many sjw’s go to bed whimpering with their panties in a bind.

      • Exile1981

        I wish Mulcair’s father had been smart enough to pull out sooner.

    • mobuyus

      I am all for high altitude carpet bombing of that rat’s nest on Turtle Island followed by a rain of ICBM’s and a swarm of cruise missiles to finish the job. After this our enemies might take us a little bit more seriously. This prescription can be repeated as often and where it is invited.

    • Minicapt

      One of the backroom organizations at the UN is Socialist International; the Dippers have been enthusiastic member/participants in the activities of Socialist International since their early days, and Ed Broadbent did ten years as a SI vice-president.


  • Drunk_by_Noon

    If the U.S., Canada, The UK, and Australia (all English speaking countries that matter) left the UN and demanded that the UN leave NYC, how long would it last?
    We could kill that abomination tomorrow.

    • FactsWillOut

      The USA is now only 64% white.
      Say goodnight.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Post a link on Mulcair Facebook page.

  • FactsWillOut

    That would once be called treason, but since the west is now run by Treason R Us, it`s par for the course.

  • Alain

    Had the same question been posed to Trudeau and May I wager the reponse would have been almost identical.