Cyber attacks ‘as big a threat to new warships as missiles and torpedoes’

Hackers and cyber attacks pose as great a threat to Britain’s hi-tech warships of the future as missiles and torpedoes, the man in charge of building the Navy’s new frigate has warned.

Increasing levels of computer control and automation mean protecting vessels against electronic attack has become a focus of shipbuilding for the Navy.

The new Type-26 Global Combat Ship, which is designed to be the workhorse of the Royal Navy when it is built, has been designed to protect its weapons, engines and systems from cyber warfare.

  • Brett_McS

    And where does the UK – and every other nation – get its computer chips? How many have an impossible-to-detect back door built in to the hardware? (Software back doors can be detected and wiped). Perhaps some analogue backup would be a good idea.