“Cuckservatism” explained: What this new political meme gets right — and wrong

If you’re a political junkie, you might have heard the new word, “cuckservatism.” It was coined by conservatives to insult other conservatives, the ones who are too afraid of being politically incorrect or being called “uncivil.”

  • Brett_McS

    Another awesome McVideo. The AmRen crowd get all snooty in the comments. There seems to be a fairly vacant middle ground between the ‘blacks are retarded’ wing and the cuckservative wing which is the butt of the “what do you call the only black at a conservative conference? The keynote speaker” joke. I think Gavin represents a fairly lonely voice in that middle ground. It means treating individuals as individuals and not being either too keen to criticise someone or too afraid to criticise someone because of their race.

    One thing though: It’s just a matter of simple ignorance (ie not malfeasance) to be against free trade. David Ricardo sorted that out over 200 years ago.

    • Well it remains to be seen what rises from the ashes of the next election in the US, I have no confidence in the GOP.

      • Clausewitz

        With the GOP in the full on kill anything conservative mode, I don’t expect anything good to come from the next election. In the end it will just be another version of the political elite shoving their agenda down our throats.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        Your lack of faith is very well placed.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Gavin opens with criticizing the cocktail set Republicans for being too P.C. and then spends the rest of the video doing the same thing by telling us that there are some “good” blacks and Mexicans.
    Thank you, but we all knew that already.

    My question is: do those few “good” members of these ethnic or racial groups really offset the preponderance of those that live up to every negative stereotype of those groups? I don’t think they do.
    How many Allen Wests would it take to make up for the Christian / Newsom murderers?

    How many Sooper Mexican’s does it take to offset all the MS13 gang members in LA?
    There is of course no answer to those questions, but it instead should point out that the AmRen people are not exactly as insane as Gavin would assert, and that the rare exceptions do not make up for the bulk that are people you never want in your life.
    Sooper Mexican might just be a fine guy (and he probably is), and I have read his blog from time to time and cannot think of any areas of disagreement with him. That doesn’t mean that America is not already choking to death on Hispanic immigrants and there needs to be fewer of them and not more, no matter how attractive Ted Cruz is as a Presidential candidate.

    I like Gavin McInnes just fine, but one of us is not “getting” the other today.