A very Moodey retraction of a blood libel against Israel

The knee-jerk response in some quarters to civilian casualties in fighting between Israel and its terrorist opponents is to blame Israel. The test of their integrity comes when the facts show otherwise, as in the case of a Palestinian boy killed by a Hamas rocket, not “murdered” by Israel as was claimed

Wonder of wonders. Jeremy Moodey, who regularly uses his position as CEO of the charitable organization, Embrace the Middle East, to assail Israel, has updated a blog post on his organization’s website in which he leveled a blood libel at the Jewish state.

In the original post, dated November 16, 2012, Moodey described Omar Misharawi, a Palestinian “baby child” who at the time was believed to have died from shrapnel from an Israeli air strike, as having “been murdered.” As it turns out, Misharawi was probably killed by a Hamas rocket that fell short.

On July 25, 2015, Moodey updated the post in question by reporting that Misharawi might not have been killed by the Israelis after all, and that he could have been killed by a Hamas rocket.