Pastor Who Called Islam Satanic Appears In Court

The Belfast pastor who said Islam was “satanic” and “heathen” is to make his first appearance in court today. The elderly man, who is in ill health, faces up to six-moths in jail for making the remarks.

  • Gary

    Sadly , he’s in this spot because those in charge fear jihad terrorism or being attack by those Peaceful muslims that will saw their heads off.

    To appease these islamofascists will only mean that you will be killed last under sharia law.

  • tom_billesley

    Rose White is accused of sending the letter to Mona Mohammed, the head teacher of Manchester Islamic High School for Girls, making reference to Allah and Muslims “being doomed to die”.

    • Rosenmops

      Telling the truth is a crime in the UK.

    • Thanks will post

  • BillyHW

    He’s speaking the truth. Islam is Satanic.

  • andycanuck

    He should be okay if the trial is in Northern Ireland not that that makes charging him okay.

  • Islam is a heathen, satanic, cult of murder and mayhem. Its god “Allah” is not the God of Creation but an invention of Muhammed’s based on the Moon god idol worshipped in his time by the Arabs; and Muhammed is no prophet but a charlatan, if he ever existed.

    This pastor deserves a medal, and those trying to imprison him should be tried and imprisoned for effectively destroying their country.