Palestinian-Jordanian Cleric’s Fatwa: ‘A Woman Must Not Have Sex with Her Slave…

She Can Marry Him, Turning Him into Her Master.’

These guys are really sexist. Video at link.

  • See? Islam has the answer for every contingency!

  • Norman_In_New_York

    The more the imams have to face the reality of the modern world, the more they go off the deep end.

    • juan epstein

      Don’t you mean jews?

  • juan epstein

    You know where there’s a burgeoning sex slave trade? Israhell

  • eMan14

    I suppose it’s something that a woman can have a slave. And it makes sense you shouldn’t sleep with your slave. I think some Muslims tend to forget that issue.
    But the fact the women who marry’s her slave will then becomes subservient to him… is, for lack of a better term… misogynistic.