Nuclearizing Iran, Sabotaging Arabs

“Nation building” seems to have fallen into disrepute in the West, but it should not. It is vitally important — as the successes of Germany, Japan and South Korea attest.

Over the past few years, in our foolishness, we in the Middle East swallowed the deceptive bait of “democracy” dangled before us, even though we knew that it could not, in the misguided way it was presented, be implemented in the Middle East.

The idea was superb, but here in the Middle East, possibly in being impatient to “get credit” before the diplomats’ term of office were over, no one ever took the time to establish the institutions of democracy — equal justice under law, freedom of speech, property rights, the primacy of the individual rather than the collective, separation of religion and state — to show us in the Middle East how democracy actually operates, and to allow those institutions to take root before ever holding an election.

  • Blacksmith

    I find this article a little disingenuous, Democracy will not work with islam. It is a totalitarian, intolerant religion and the personal freedoms of a democracy will never work in a true islamist state. Iran was in great shape prior to the ayatolla’s. The west cannot nation build where it is not wanted and time and again the islamist have proven they don’t want a nation of freedom and equality.