ISIS seize key town in central Syria home to tens of thousands of Christians

Jihadis fighting for the Islamic State have seized a key town in central Syria in what is the terror group’s most significant advance since capturing the ancient city of Palmyra in May.

The heavily populated town of Qaryatain lies south west of Palmyra, which is home to towering Roman ruins, and is located some 50 miles from the Assad regime-held city of Homs.

ISIS fanatics seized the town earlier this morning after three suicide bombers targeted army checkpoints at the entrance to Qaryatain yesterday.

Following intense overnight fighting, the Assad loyalists were overwhelmed – allowing the terrorists to take full control of the key town and prompting them to release a series of gloating images of militants posing with captured tanks on affiliated Facebook pages.

  • juan epstein

    I love it when jews pretend to care about Christians

  • What does this have to do with Cecil the lion?

  • g

    They’d better be ready to convert to the religion of peace. Otherwise, there’s no telling what those peaceful Muslims might be forced to do; forbearance only goes so far.

  • Minicapt

    … ZSU-23/4 SP AAG.


  • eMan14

    At least the Pope is talking climate change and the environment. Otherwise those Christians would be in real trouble.