IRS Targeted Bristol Palin But Didn’t Get Around To Auditing Her Before The Scandal Broke

Lois Lerner corrupt civil servant

Lois Lerner should be in prison, forever.

Lois Lerner, the key figure in the controversy over the Internal Revenue Service’s targeting of conservative groups for added scrutiny, once considered opening up an audit into Bristol Palin’s compensation from a teen pregnancy charity, according to a new Senate report.

The Senate Finance Committee released the results of its two-year investigation into the Internal Revenue Service’s targeting of conservative groups Wednesday, with revealing looks at Lerner’s emails.

One email, cited by Chairman Orrin Hatch as an “example of Lerner’s interest in conservative organizations,” asked whether the IRS should open an audit of Candie’s Foundation, which paid Palin $332,500 in compensation to be a celebrity spokesperson.  Lerner was concerned that the salary figure could violate IRS rules against charitable groups being for the private benefit of individuals.

Palin is the daughter of 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin, and she became a household name when it was revealed during that campaign that she had become pregnant at age 17. She later performed on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars and was briefly engaged to Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer.

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    I Googled “coruption” and surprise Lois Lerner’s picture came up, another “C” word was used. I love accuracy.

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    It would be fun to find out how many high level RINOs, if any, have ever been harassed by Emperor Barry’s IRS storm troopers. Probably none. In fact, there seemed to be little RINO interest in all the third world despot style travails their Tea Party cousins were experiencing.

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      We never have been given an explanation for why those FEMA camps are being built. If you “disappear” some day I take it you were too close to the truth.

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