“…No one landed a zinger. No one ran over time. Everyone was quite polite and very Canadian. On my Twitter feed one American who was watching the Republican Gong show could not help but compare and contrast and wish the US had something like the pretty solid debate we had tonight.”

  • kkruger71

    Trudeau was awful, mostly empty platitudes and catch phrases. His closing remarks were particularly vacuous and grating, but on the other hand they sounded very much like the poorly staged “passionate” speeches and commercials McGuinty gave that won him elections.
    True about Mulcair seeming oily, but out of the three opposition he came across as the only one with a plan, albeit a bad one.
    I thought Harper started strong, but started to fail as the night went on, letting Mulcair in particular set the tone and range of the debate.
    As for May and her “credible performance”, I think the only way that conclusion could be drawn was specifically because she was drowned out so often and was not allowed to speak more that a couple sentences at a time.
    Overall, I think Mulcair came out the winner in that debate.

    • Ron MacDonald

      I turned it off and watch the Republican degate.

    • jayme

      Trudeau did a ok job as with Tom him coming off supporting smart pipelines will not sit well with much of his base.

  • k1992

    I must admit that I didn’t watch a minute of it (seeing Mulcair or Trudeau is bad for my digestion). That said, I would be willing to bet that the subject of immigration was never once raised. All of them, Harper included, know that a sizeable percentage of the population is very interested in and concerned about this issue, but all of them absolutely refuse to speak of it. Representative democracy for you.

    I am starting to think that posters like “Factual” and “Facts Will Out” on here who for instance advocate for civil disobedience, are correct: none of these parties merit our support. Choosing any of them is simply equivalent to picking the particular poison that you want; perhaps the Conservatives are the least harmful, but they are still harmful in that they also support outrageous and dangerous levels of immigration into our country. And no one will TALK ABOUT IT! I am becoming more and more frustrated with the political system and all those associated with it as time goes on.

    • Jay Currie

      Well immigration came up tangentially as Harper suggested that his “plan” had made it possible for Canada to provide jobs for a lot of immigrants. Make of that what you will.

  • Alex

    Dear lord, but that’s a horrible picture of Elizabeth May ….

    • Raymond Hietapakka

      • Kaye

        He’s actually about 6′ 1″ or something, but he looks shorter than he is – lose the gut and he’d look pretty good for his age. Also, ditch the Tim’s, Steve – they’re no longer even vaguely Canadian.

    • mobuyus

      But it’s a good picture though.