Canadian Oil Sands loses $128M in 90 days – $120M were Notley’s new taxes

Canadian Oil Sands just issued its quarterly financials. They lost $128 million in the past 90 days, compared to the $176 million profit they made this time last year.

  • barryjr

    If you want to point fingers in Alberta look no further than the Progressive Conservative (what a screwed up oxymoron of a name) party. If you are in power for 44 uninterrupted years with the income that Alberta has had and are broke then YOU are the problem nothing else. If the elected idiots hadn’t been on a spending spree like drunken sailors buying every possible toy in sight and not saving anything of course there is going to be a debt. Why was the rainy day fund spent to buy votes and not held for times like this.Everybody is quick to criticize workers in the Patch for not saving money and spending everything. Well the PCs in Alberta are just as guilty of this as the little guy running a truck welder.

    • The Butterfly

      Can I also blame Danielle Smith?

      • Linda1000

        Yup, I’m so glad both Danielle and Redfraud disappeared. I blame Redmonton and area voters for their nostalgia vote for Rachel’s dad, Grant Notley and arrogant Jim Prentice for giving us the NDP.

    • Clausewitz

      I guess we’ll also forget about that whole Ralph Klein paying down the budget to zero thingy. The problem came about when the Alberta PC’s stopped electing conservatives as their leader and started to elect former UN official progressives.

    • Bataviawillem

      So to fix the fact that the PC’S did not save enough, the NDP is doubling down and going on a tax and spend spree?
      Does that make sense in your mind?

  • Waffle

    Greece has been on my Bucket List for some time. Now I don’t even have to leave home.

  • Voodoo economics is a widely accepted part of the left.

    Even when the damage is done, they want more.

  • Kathy Nelson

    This is what happens Canada when you follow the USA’s lead. A lot of people in the US are waking up to liberal scams and actually listening to Donald Trump (moderate republican). But we hear Canadians slamming Trump and then whining about the liberal messes their voters created (same in the US). The word you folks should be screaming is revolution. Didn’t you (like the US) once break away from tyrants? Time to do so again. Find a Trump.

    • Blacksmith

      I keep hoping people down here will wake up also, they are starting to but I am not sure if it is too little too late.
      Best of luck to you guys up there.

    • Minicapt

      We need more conservatives; Trump is a real estate hawker who wants to headline “The Daily Show”.


  • And Albertans thought this would not be a problem.