UFO blames everyone but herself for failed charity

What the hell is this thing?

Thankfully the charity has been shut down, but I remain fascinated that otherwise intelligent people can be taken in by a charlatan like this UFO.

That’s her office by the way.



  • Jay Currie

    It’s really mean to mock Ezra’s day job… Shame on you Kitty.

  • Brett_McS

    She’s disappearing into fat air?

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    All I see are a bunch of West Indians who can’t speak the Queen’s English protesting that the government hasn’t done enough to feed their kids and another bunch of white social justice warriors who’d be better off working at the local chippy.

  • eMan14

    Looks like a pinata exploded

  • ed

    I`ve looked at the 2012-2013 end of year report for kids company . she signed off 4.6 million pounds for lavish 5* corporate fund raising events , total donations collected 1,4 million pounds ,total LOSS of charity funds 3.4 million pounds ! .kids company ran 4 glorified youth clubs 10 year spend 60 million pounds , dozens of grace and favour jobs where they never showed for work , 14 million pound annual wage bill . she paid herself £150.000 a year + unchecked exspenses + personal kids company credit card . 2 million given in food vouchers , 2.2 million given to scroungers in cash . of late aid given to 3000 failed and wannabe African migrants and familys .[ no whites need apply ] she was given in june this year by the government 4 million pounds then another 3 million last week all property lease hold no assets left [economics of the madhouse ] oh! yes she is a fat ugly cu*t [ ed uk ]

    • tom_billesley

      Running a charity seems almost as lucrative as starting your own religion.

  • Editor

    This is what 30 years of political correctness and 10 years of social justice gets you. More and more special snowflake idiotic freaks in public positions and less and less people willing to call them out on their idiocy for fear of being labeled some kind of “..ist”. Moral and cultural relativism is the new gospel and the sjw left will crush anybody who dares question the dogma. Ask Greg Elliott.