The Boston Globe’s Paean To Boston’s Jihad Enablers

Having now become a city seemingly synonymous with homegrown jihadists, Boston’s paper of record continues to go back to the very enablers who recruit and indoctrinate young men and women as the go to source for all things Muslim in Boston.

We’re talking about the Islamic Society of Boston (ISB), a network of mosques and Islamic organizations, founded and managed by Muslim Brotherhood-linked groups, that have been the incubators for more than a dozen known terrorists and radicals, including Boston Marathon bombers Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

  • Gary

    Here in Canada we have the RCMP and CSIS that has relied on the hamas funding CAIR for the voice and advice from a ” Moderate ” islamic Org . and to work together to find ways to deradicalize Muslims youth.
    Take note how NOTHING was done , or being done , to purge the mosques of the radical Imams using the same Qurans as Hamas and ISIS to create the near 20 Muslims terrorist in Canada citing that same quran the RCMP and CAIR think they can use to deradicalize muslims.

    One of the big problems that will get thousands of people killed by radical ( code for Normal) muslim terrorists is how Wynne used the Human Rights Commission’s Codes to allow the jew-hating anti-gay Mosque in Valley Park PUBLIC school
    , this while Barbara Hall said it was up to the TDSB to approve it for Inclusion and Accommodating religions while the TDSB Nabob’s said that Barbara Hall didn’t oppose it… we saw that as direction and a tacit approval that it met the Charter Rights protection .

    Yes folks , when the bombs go off, or muslim terrorists are traced back to the Valley Park Public school and the same radical Jew-hating anti-Canada imam…. these 3 stooges will wash their hands clean of it and each point at the other 2 that SHOULD have done something .
    WHY???? because during the AdScam inquiry we saw two PM’s tell the Juidge that they werte too stupid to be expected to know what went on under them and they trusted THOSE under them to report , or condemn , any of that illegal activity from rumours or seeing it going on.

    Liberalism as a Mental Disorder where the conscience is numb to the harm they inflict on people because they are void of feeling guilt and will externalize every mistake or crime to be someone else’s fault .
    Wynne and Hall will be some of the first ones beheaded under sharia law by the same islamists they befriended just for votes or to be liked and hoped to be spared when sharia gets imposed on Canada once muslims have the numbers which is what the quran tells them to do.

    • Yes the Outreach has been as perverse and dangerous as Britain’s Prevent program.